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The Art of Travel Design: July 11 in Truckee, CA

Exceptional interior design and travel design have a lot in common. Both are collaborative processes that start with careful listening, include expert guidance to cut through too many options, thoughtful attention to detail every step of the way, and helpful, proactive support when the world has different plans that derail your ideal timeline.

The similarities between the two industries are something I've often discussed with my great friend Megan Bristol, founder of Tahoe Modern, an interior design firm & home decor shop based in Truckee, CA. Megan also happens to be the sister-in-law of Outlier Journeys cofounder Jeff Stivers, and has trusted us with her travel plans on two occasions, including her epic "buddymoon" to the Maldives where we chartered small yacht for eight nights of chasing waves and in the Southern Atolls.

Megan's husband and business partner, Nick Polinko, ripping waves in the Maldives with Outlier Journeys

Tahoe Modern operates a beautiful showroom & community space in Truckee and it was only a matter of time before we collaborated on a travel even.

If you are in the Reno or Tahoe area, please join us at the Tahoe Modern Showroom on Thursday, July 11 from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM to discuss travel and soak up some inspiration for your next trip with me, Kirsten Gardner, co-founder of Outlier Journeys.

As designers of private active and immersive cultural adventures throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia (primarily), we specialize in complex trips to remote destinations, making the impossible possible, while prioritizing thoughtful trip design with a light footprint.  We'll cover how Outlier Journeys can assist you, your family and friends in bringing your dream trip to life, when & why you should work with us, and highlight a handful of my favorite experiences from around the world.

Exploring on horseback at Estancia Cristina in Argentina with only condors and puma for company

If you dream of hiking to Buddhist monasteries in Japan, galloping on horseback beneath the towering granite peaks of Patagonia, tracking endangered black rhinos on foot in Namibia or chartering a your own private boat in the Maldives or the Amazon, Outlier Journeys has been there and can make it happen for you.

Wines from around the world and light refreshments will be provided. Please register below to attend and enter to win a $750 travel certificate with Outlier Journeys + Nguni Head wall decor from Tahoe Modern.

We hope to see you in Truckee, CA on July 11! Questions? Please email us at

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